Clarion H&R Block Tax Tips: 2022 Tax Law Changes – What to Know About to Maximize Your Refund

Clarion H&R Block Tax Tips: 2022 Tax Law Changes – What to Know About to Maximize Your Refund

CLARION, Pa. (EYT) – Clarion H&R Block submitted the following article: 2022 Tax Law Changes – What to Know About to Maximize Your Refund.

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Taxes laws change each year, and it can be tough to keep up. Last year, a host of tax law changes let Americans tap into several stimulus-related credit expansions. This year, these expansions no longer apply.*

So, what credits and deductions should you know about so you get back the most money possible this tax season?

Tax 2022 on calculator determining 2022 tax law impacts.

And, if you’ve heard rumblings about money received via platforms like Venmo, Facebook Marketplace, or others, affecting your taxes — you’ll want to get all the details about what this change in tax law for 2022 means for you.

The good news is that H&R Block has got you covered. Check out the need-to-know 2022 tax law changes below.

Get help navigating 2022 tax law changes. No matter if you file taxes online, or with an H&R Block tax pro, we’re here to help you get your maximum refund.

Tax law changes for 2022

Don’t worry — you won’t need to have a tax law degree to follow what changes could affect you. Instead, check out the situations below and see what’s relevant to your life.

In 2022, did you…?

  • Selling items via apps or digital platforms such as Venmo, Paypal, Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, Poshmark? You may have heard about a new tax rule that would have triggered a tax form (called 1099-K) in January if you had received more than $600 from any one of these types of platforms. However, the IRS has announced a delay to that 1099-K rule change and the 2021 thresholds amounts will generally apply for taxy year 2022. Learn more on our 1099-K tax form page.
  • Buy healthcare coverage from the ACA marketplace (  A temporary rule change lets more people take the Premium Tax Credit (PTC) and receive a larger credit when they do. The temporary law expands eligibility to those with a household income above 400% of the federal poverty level. Those eligible can receive larger credits due to the lower premiums that households must contribute (now between 0-8.5% of their income). Note The Inflation Reduction act extends PTC provisions until 2025. They were previously scheduled to expire after 2022.
  • Make energy efficient home improvements? You may be eligible to take advantage of the Residential Clean Energy Credit, which increased from 26% to 30% of qualified purchases such as solar energy panels and solar water panels (for items bought between Jan. 1, 2022-Dec. 31, 2032).
  • Transact with cryptocurrency? OK, this is really a 2023 tax law change, but we’re mentioning it here so you can start the new year with good recordkeeping habits and make next year’s tax prep that much easier. For 2023, crypto exchanges will be required to send Form 1099-B for any sales you make. Find out more about crypto tax considerations.
  • Beyond tax law changes: What else should you consider?

    As in any tax year, your life changes can have a big impact on your situation. This year, there’s a lot going on in the economy and shifts in work habits that might affect you.

    For example, if you:

    Also related to the current economy is rising inflation and increased interest rates. The silver lining of higher interest rates is that you may be able to get larger tax breaks for things such as the mortgage interest deduction or student loan interest deduction (if you’ve continued to make payments during the repayment freeze).

    Getting your maximum refund, even if tax law changes don’t apply to you

    Did you answer “no” to all of the above? Fear not! You may still be able to lower your tax bill with other tax benefits with the expertise of H&R Block on your side.

    Whether you file taxes online or with an H&R Block tax pro, we’ll help you uncover every last credit and deduction you deserve.

    *Additional credits included Recovery Rebate credits and increased Child Tax Credits, Earned Income Credits (which have both returned to previous amounts).

    For more information on all of the ways to receive help from H&R Block when filing taxes this season, visit Clarion H&R Block.

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