Could Some Massachusetts 62F Refunds Be Taxed?

Could Some Massachusetts 62F Refunds Be Taxed?

Bay Staters already knew that their 2022 Massachusetts 62F refund wouldn’t be taxed as income at the state level. But if you received a Massachusetts 62F refund, you may have been wondering whether the amount would be taxed on your federal income tax return.

Well, the IRS has weighed in on whether special 2022 state “stimulus” check payments are taxable and the answer is… maybe. The agency announced last week that most Mass. 62F refunds from 2022 won’t be taxed on 2022  federal returns. But, in certain situations, some Massachusetts residents may have to report the 62F refund income. Here’s what you need to know. 

Massachusetts 62F Tax Refund 2022

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