Deadline for claiming property tax records approaching; how to apply

Deadline for claiming property tax records approaching; how to apply

ST PAUL, Minn. — The Minnesota Department of Revenue (MNDOR) is reminding homeowners and renters alike to take advantage of possible tax refunds before time runs out.

The agency said the deadline for people to file for their 2021 property tax refund is Aug. 15, 2023. Claims for 2022 refunds, however, can be filed until Aug. 15, 2024. 

Renters who have already filed have stated receiving their refunds, and homeowners should start getting their refunds by late August, according to a release from the agency. 

The average refund is about $1,100 for homeowners and $730 for renters. 

More than 877,000 Minnesotans have already filed their 2021 property tax refunds and over $827 million has been issued in refunds.

MNDOR offered the following tips for homeowners and renters to keep in mind as they file for their refunds: 

  • Find out if you qualify for a property tax refund. Renters and homeowners who meet certain requirements may be eligible. You can visit MNDOR’s website to see if you qualify or type property tax refund into the Search box.
  • Homeowners can file for free.  Eligible homeowners are able to use the department’s electronic filing system to file their property tax refund for free. Visit MNDOR’s website to see if you qualify to use this free service. 
  • Renters have two options to file. Renters can file either by using a tax software provider or by paper.
  • Include all information. Renters should also make sure to include their Certificate of Rent Paid form issued by their landlord in January. Homeowners should make sure to use the information from their property tax statements issued by their county every spring.
  • Direct deposit. Direct deposit is the most secure way to get your refund. Ensure your banking information is accurate when filing your return.
  • Track your refund. Renters and homeowners are able to track where their property tax refund is in the process by using MNDOR’s Where’s My Refund? system. The system will show which of the four stages the refund is in and whether you need to take any action to allow MNDOR to complete the processing of your refund. You will see the date your refund was issued when it is finished processing.
  • Property tax relief for senior citizens. The Senior Citizens’ Property Tax Deferral Program allows seniors whose property taxes are high relative to their incomes an option to stay in their homes by deferring a portion of the property taxes they owe each year. If they are currently in the program, qualified seniors may claim a property tax refund and it will apply to their outstanding loan balance. Learn more about the Property Tax Deferral for Senior Citizens.

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