Fourth-grade teacher uses Kid Cudi and Lil Nas X to teach science class

Fourth-grade teacher uses Kid Cudi and Lil Nas X to teach science class

Fourth-grade teacher Marlee Christianson (@missmarlee23) is finding new and creative ways to teach her students about the world — with a little help from some of the biggest musical artists right now.

Christianson creates remixes of popular songs and rewrites the lyrics to match the lesson plan. For example, she integrated a math lesson about fractions, decimals and percentages with Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow’s “Industry Baby.”

“Interest, ayy/ Tips and tax, ayy,” she wrote to mimic the original lyrics, “Baby back, ayy/ Couple racks, ayy.”

She first posted about this method in March 2022, when she used “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles to teach a lesson about atmosphere layers. She’s used other top artists like Taylor Swift and Lizzo, but her recent rendition of Kid Cudi’s “Day ‘n’ Nite” turned her method viral.

Her video has over 2 million views and 236,000 likes. TikTokers are showing their appreciation for Christianson’s innovative teaching method.

“As a kid Cudi fan … I wish you had been my teacher,” said @bby.rex95.

“No because this younger generation is getting some of the best teachers I’ve ever seen fr,” replied @emotionalcap_.

There’s even an unofficial campaign to get Kid Cudi to watch the video, with commenters tagging the artist under the post.

In October 2022, Kid Cudi said in an interview with Sean Evans on Hot Ones that he would be interested in becoming a kindergarten teacher one day.

“It would be cool to one day be a kindergarten teacher,” Cudi said. “Just do that for a couple years.”

Cudi hasn’t responded to the video yet, but users continue still want to get his attention.

As for Christianson, this was her sixth remix video. With TikTok enamored by her academic lyricism, she has created a platform to show just how creative other teachers can be with their lesson plans.

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