Free IRS Tax Help Available in the Bay Area This Weekend

Free IRS Tax Help Available in the Bay Area This Weekend

It’s the middle of May, so naturally, we’re going to talk income taxes for a minute. That’s right — in May. Because the IRS is offering you rare (and free) help on a weekend. 

After all of the winter storms in California, the state and federal government gave everyone in the Bay Area an extension to file their 2022 tax returns. They’re now due by October 16. 

If you need help making it across the finish line, the IRS has some free help for you this weekend.

Tips for Filing

Whenever you’re filling out a tax return, the IRS recommends planning and patience. 

“Gather paperwork, spend some time maybe doing it in steps so you don’t miss something — [so] you don’t miss a benefit,” said Raphael Tulino, an Internal Revenue Service spokesperson. 

Say you get stumped. 

You can ask the IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center for help. Normally, it’s only open on weekdays and by appointment. Saturday, however, the IRS will open some offices for rare weekend hours with no appointment needed. 

Where to Get Help

Here’s where to get help:

  • Oakland: 1301 Clay Street
  • Stockton: 4643 Quail Oaks Drive

The IRS professionals will be on duty at those sites for face-to-face help from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Bring a photo ID and social security cards for everyone in your household. If the IRS sent you a letter, bring it along with any related paperwork. 

Full disclosure: the IRS will not fill out your return for you. You still have to do that. 

But IRS experts at the Taxpayer Assistance Centers can answer questions to steer you around roadblocks on your 1040. 

In Summary

For residents in all Bay Area counties, the new deadline to file your federal return and pay your bill is October 16. Same date for state taxes. 

But wouldn’t it be nice to get it done now? 

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