Gear Up for the Ultimate Year-End Marketing Showdown – Turning Numbers into Opportunities

Gear Up for the Ultimate Year-End Marketing Showdown – Turning Numbers into Opportunities

Year-end is right around the corner, which means quarterlies, tax preparation, and more for accounting firms. That doesn’t mean putting off your marketing initiatives until next year. Now’s the time to gear up for your year-end marketing showdown.

Content is King

One thing B2B companies have is content…and a lot of it. Review what can be repurposed, e.g., 2022 tax prep tips, regulatory changes (hello meals and entertainment deductions), bookkeeping tips, unique tax situations you can highlight, and more.

The easiest way to do this is to sort your website content by topic. You can do this with your website search field or login to your site and search the blog content.

Once you have a list, consider what you can combine to create a new piece of content, e.g., a blog article, email drip series, checklist, or eBook with a landing page. Or make a list of the content and generate a new social media and email distribution schedule to share it with clients and your target audience.

Getting Down to Brass Tax (pun intended)

Now, leverage an AI tool, like ChatGPT, Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Docs, or Canva MagicWrite to craft an email series based on that content. Then schedule those emails to be distributed throughout Q4.


Using ChatGPT 3.5, I generated this list of 10 email subject lines for business owner tax deductions, which could also be used as blog titles too.

Here’s what it generated.

  1. Maximize Your Savings: Top Tax Deductions for Business Owners
  2. Unlock Hidden Benefits: Essential Tax Deductions Every Entrepreneur Should Know
  3. Boost Your Bottom Line: Discover Key Tax Deductions for Business Success
  4. Stay Tax-Savvy: Uncover Proven Deductions for Small Business Owners
  5. Reduce Your Tax Burden: A Guide to Smart Deductions for Entrepreneurs
  6. Tax Season Advantage: Learn How to Leverage Deductions for Your Business
  7. Strategic Deductions for Business Growth: Your Path to Financial Efficiency
  8. Don’t Overpay! Expert Insights into Crucial Tax Deductions for Businesses
  9. Navigate Tax Complexity: Valuable Deductions for Busy Business Owners
  10. Year-Round Savings: Master the Art of Tax Deductions as a Business Professional

Review the list and identify the corresponding content you have. Then:

  • Take bits and pieces from that content and add links to the full article within the email. Send one email per week throughout Q4.
  • Create corresponding social media posts using the chosen subject lines. Schedule those throughout Q4.
  • Leverage the social media posts on your Google Business listing to influence organic search rankings. Image sizes for this tool are 720 px tall and 720 px wide, but square Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook posts also work. They will be resized. This is free and packs a punch!
  • Boost social media posts to a larger audience on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. It requires a nominal budget, credit card, and business account.
  • Consider Google or Bing search and display ads prior to tax season to keep costs down, especially for business taxes (versus personal taxes). It also requires a budget.

Q4 Tax Marketing Outline

If that seems too complicated, keep things simple. Download this simple Q4 Tax Marketing Outline [link to Excel file is below] and scale back your efforts. But avoid stopping them. Remember, adjust these schedules to fit your specific audience and marketing strategies. Communication consistency and providing valuable, actionable information will help you.

Q4 Tax Marketing Outline Template:

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