How T-Mobile Is Protecting Customers From Scammers

How T-Mobile Is Protecting Customers From Scammers

Millions of Americans fall victim to scams every year. Scams are not only a nuisance but can have devastating impacts with Americans losing an estimated $39.5 billion to phone scams in 2022, according to a recent True Caller report.

Joining us today is T-Mobile spokesperson Steve Carlson. He talked with Studio 512 Host Rosie Newberry about how T-Mobile is tackling scams and how to protect yourself and your family against potential fraud.

What are some of the most common scams found in T-Mobile’s report?

“T-Mobile blocked 41.5 billion scam calls in 2022 — that’s 1,317 calls every second and a 75% increase from 2021. Vehicle warranty scams dominated the first half of the year with T-Mobile’s Scam Shield blocking nearly double the amount of scams and robocalls in the front half of 2022.”

“But, when an unprecedented FCC cease and desist identified eight wireless providers (not T-Mobile) responsible for carrying these calls, overall scam volume started to drop. Scammers then changed their approach and health and insurance-related scams quickly shot up to take their place.”

Scammers are also notorious for targeting key moments throughout the year:

  • Tax season? IRS-related scams are dominant
  • Back to school? That’s prime time for student loan fraudsters and Amazon scams

Are some states targeted more than others?

“Yes, they are. In Texas, T-Mobile blocked 11.2 billion scams and robocalls in 2022 making it the most targeted state. Texas has a high population of uninsured people so insurance-related scams are big here.”

What is T-Mobile Scam Shield and how does it work?

“T-Mobile’s leading patented Scam Shield technology provides the most powerful defense against scams using a series of powerful tools to protect customers.”

  • Around-the-clock protection that analyzes call behavior, responds to new threats and updates protections every six minutes
  • “Scam Likely” warnings automatically appear for every customer when a scam threat is detected
  • Free Caller ID for every customer — a first and only offering from a major wireless provider – so customers can always get information on who is calling, even if they aren’t saved in contacts
  • Additional personal protection features like a free second phone number and free phone number change

What tips do you have to protect customers from scams?

“If you’re a T-Mobile customer, download the T-Mobile Scam Shield app to activate free Caller ID and Scam Block. Use the Scam Shield app to report suspicious calls and report text messages by forwarding them to 7726.

“Use the app to block specific phone numbers or categories, like telemarketing or political calls, plus, the ability to look up suspicious unknown numbers. If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. Calls that demand immediate payment or immediate action are often suspected scams.”

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