Investopedia 100 Top Financial Advisors of 2023

Investopedia 100 Top Financial Advisors of 2023

Investopedia / Alice Morgan

The Investopedia 100 celebrates independent financial advisors who are making significant contributions to critical conversations about financial literacy, investing strategies, life-stage planning and wealth management. With more than 100,000 independent financial advisors in the U.S., the Investopedia 100 spotlights the country’s most engaged, influential, and educational advisors.

This year’s list highlights advisors who provide unique value to communities across the board, from those who represent clients in various industries—from music to dentistry—advisors who offer pro bono financial planning tips for women, to those who volunteer to educate students within their own community. It’s an honor to get to highlight the work these individuals do. 

Read on to learn about the 2023 class of the Investopedia 100 Top Financial Advisors. (The Top 10 are named in order, while the remaining 90 are categorized in alphabetical order by last name within each advisor’s designated state.)

The Top 10 Advisors

Investopedia / Alice Morgan

1. Michael Kitces
Head of Planning Strategy, Buckingham Strategic Wealth | Reston, VA

For more than two decades, Kitces has been a financial advisor and educator who helps clients and readers at all stages of life. Prior to joining Buckingham Wealth Partners, Michael founded XY Planning Network to serve ‘next generation’ clients who seek financial advice but don’t have the assets to be served by more traditional financial advisors. XY Planning Network now has 1,700 advisors who work with underserved consumer segments. 

2. Marguerita Cheng
Founder & CEO, Blue Ocean Global Wealth | Gaithersburg, MD

Cheng is a spokesperson for the AARP Financial Freedom Campaign, and educates the public, policy makers, and media about the benefits of competent, ethical financial planning as a Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Ambassador. Cheng volunteers her time through the FPA Pro Bono Program and the Foundation for Financial Planning, and her firm Blue Ocean Global Wealth works with the BLX Internship program which places Black and Latino individuals at fee-only financial planning firms to obtain their first job in the financial planning profession.

3. Rebecca Walser
Principal, Walser Wealth Management | Tampa, FL

Walser is a wealth advisor and tax mitigation attorney who reaches consumers across multiple platforms and mediums including her podcast “Crashes and Taxes,” which breaks down micro- and macro-economic trends to help people better understand their finances and preserve wealth. She also wrote an Amazon best-selling personal finance education book: Wealth Unbroken: Growing Wealth Uninterrupted by Market Crashes, Taxes, and Even Death

4. Peter Lazaroff
Chief Investment Officer, Plancorp | St. Louis, MO 

When he started his career, Lazaroff created a newsletter to teach people about investing and financial planning in easy-to-understand language, which now reaches more than 10,000 subscribers. In addition to his podcast “The Long-Term Investor,” Lazaroff works with Rooted, a local St. Louis initiative, to develop financial planning curriculum and financial advisor support for 50 households in his community. 

5. Jamie Hopkins
Managing Partner, Wealth Solutions, Carson Group | Omaha, NE

Hopkins founded the nonprofit FinServ Foundation, which supports the next generation of financial professionals through coaching and mentorship. At the end of 2022, Hopkins and his team at the Carson Group also created the Youtube series, “The Financial Advisor’s Guide to the SECURE 2.0 Act”  to break down each major provision of the SECURE 2.0 Act and highlight important planning points for financial advisors to understand.

6. Douglas Boneparth
President, Bone Fide Wealth, LLC | New York, NY

For over a decade, Boneparth has been educating young adults to help them meet their financial goals, and leverages YouTube, social media channels, and his newsletter “This is the Top” to keep the education accessible for all. He also offers weekly, live pre-market commentary on and co-authored a book The Millennial Money Fix.

7. Dr. Preston D. Cherry
Founder & President, Concurrent Financial | Green Bay, WI

Cherry is the founder and director of the Charles Schwab Foundation Center for Financial Wellness at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay where he provides financial literacy services to college students, community residences, and organizations through peer coaching, a podcast, and one-on-one pro bono planning. Cherry also leads the financial planning program at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, and publishes scholarly research about personal financial planning, household economics, and behavioral finance.

8. Stephanie McCullough
Founder & Financial Planner, Sofia Financial | Berwyn, PA

McCullough founded Sofia Financial, an independent business that aims to empower women to make wise financial decisions and reduce their money stress. She also hosts a podcast called “Take Back Retirement” where she has conversations with women who have gone through a financial situation and a subject-matter experts to provide information and motivation to help others gain financial control. McCullough also offers free financial literacy classes through Wayne, Pennsylvania-based nonprofit Women’s Resource Center.

9. Mary Beth Storjohann
Co-CEO, Abacus Wealth Partners | Santa Monica, CA

Storjohann founded the website and podcast Workable Wealth, which offers education and empowerment to those in their 20s through 40s. She serves as a mentor and career coach to other women in the industry to amplify their voices and brands, and helps lead Abacus’s pro bono financial services program. Her book, Work Your Wealth: 9 Steps to Making Smarter Choices With Your Money, breaks down jargon and complex financial topics for consumers.

10. Elaine King
Founder, Family and Money Matters Institute | Miami, FL

King is an award-winning author dedicated to elevating the available financial literacy resources for the U.S. Hispanic population. She produces content in Spanish across her social media platforms, hosts a monthly segment on Telemundo, and runs three Spanish-language online financial education courses, which currently have more than 18,000 students enrolled. King is also an external director for accounting firm Shechter & Everett, LLP, where she works with women before, during, and after marital separation to help them gain financial independence.


For additional content that highlights more of the amazing work our winners are doing in their own communities and beyond, check out the Finding a Financial Advisor content hub, here.


Name Title Standout Achievements
Valerie R. Leonard CEO & Financial Advisor, EverThrive Financial Group | Birmingham, Ala. In addition to working with her clients to further their retirement and wealth-building plans, Leonard educates over 7,000 U.S. workers via in-person group meetings, videos, and virtual courses on her social platforms. 


Name Title Standout Achievements
Adam Dekker Chief Executive & Lead Advisor, Dekker Financial Services | Chandler, Ariz.  Dekker is recognized for his passionate embrace of technology’s impact on the financial services industry, which has helped propel Dekker Financial forward. 
George Grombacher President, Financial Consulting | Scottsdale, Ariz. Besides being a published author of two financial education books, Grombacher is the founder of financial wellness platform Money Alignment Academy. 


Name Title Standout Achievements 
David Bahnsen Founder & Managing Partner & CIO, The Bahnsen Group | Newport Beach, Calif. Bahnsen regularly publishes financial education lessons on Youtube, and more recently launched economics courses for purchase, too.
Louis Barajas CEO & Senior Wealth Manager, International Private Wealth Advisors | Irvine, Calif. Barajas is recognized for increasing financial education among Latino individuals, both in his client work at International Private Wealth Advisors and through his multiple published books, television appearances, and position as the first Latino on the Financial Planning Association’s National Board of Directors.
Stephanie Bucko Chief Investment Officer, Mana Financial Life Design | Los Angeles, Calif. Bucko is active in the advisor-focused community, XY Planning Network, and participates in a bi-weekly study group called growth-minded advisors.
Cathy Curtis Founder, Curtis Financial Planning, LLC | Oakland, Calif. In addition to leading Curtis Financial Planning, Cathy Curtis regularly consults with and coaches female advisors on how to build an independent RIA practice and have a balanced life.
Kimberly Foss President & Founder, Empyrion Wealth Management Inc. | Roseville, Calif. Kimberly Foss is recognized for her individualized strategy with her clients, which include affluent family stewards, women in transition, and thriving retirees.
Hilary Hendershott President & Chief Advisor, Hendershott Wealth Management | San Jose, Calif. Hilary Hendershott is recognized for her dedication to educating women on financial topics through her podcast for female entrepreneurs, Profit Boss Radio, her guest appearances in the media, and the webpage resource tool she created for working moms looking to improve their financial life.
William Huston Founder & CIO, Bay Street Capital Holdings | Palo Alto, Calif. William Huston leads Bay Street Capital Holdings, one of the top 10 largest Black-owned  and diverse-led RIAs in the U.S., where he consistently promotes and advocates for diverse and emerging investment advisors.
Cristina Livadary CEO Mana Financial Life Design | Los Angeles, Calif. Livadary not only leads her financial wellness–focused program, Mana Money School, she also provides financial education and empowerment to local charitable organizations and small businesses in order to improve financial confidence beyond her client base. 
Joe McLean Chief Growth & Innovation Officer, MAI Capital | San Ramon, Calif. In addition to his work with MAI Capital and his frequent appearances on prominent networks, McLean is recognized for his mission to connect financial advisors with one another and invest together to effect positive change in society.
Emlen Miles-Mattingly Founder and Financial Advisor, Gen Next Wealth | Madera, Calif. Miles-Mattingly co-founded the BLX Internship program, which places Black and Latino individuals at fee-only financial planning firms, and is also the host of Minority Money podcast, where he discusses finance, family, and education, and how all of these things affect your overall wealth.
Colin Overweg  Founder, Advize Wealth Management | Los Angeles, Calif. Overweg is recognized for his work to educate financial advisors, specifically those who are new to this industry, which he does by hosting six virtual events per year for new advisors to network and learn with well-known leaders in the space.
Luis Rosa Founder, Build a Better Financial Future LLC | Los Angeles, Calif. In addition to his podcast On My Way to Wealth and speaking at industry events, Rosa promotes financial literacy through public speaking engagements, such as the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals and the Los Angeles AARP.
Taylor Schulte Founder & CEO, Define Financial | San Diego, Calif. In addition to publishing consumer-facing educational content on his various platforms, Taylor Schulte co-hosts Kitces Summits, a twice-a-year learning event for practicing advisors. 
Gabriel Shahin Principal & CEO, Falcon Wealth Planning | Ontario, Calif. Besides his work with Falcon Wealth Planning, Gabriel Shahin is the founder of the Financial Community Education Foundation, where he and his team teach financial literacy courses to the local community.
Jared Tanimoto President, Ascent Wealth Advisors | Irvine, Calif. Jared Tanimoto is an active member of the FPA of Orange County (and was formerly the youngest president of his chapter), where he hosts free financial education webinars on a regular basis. 
Mike Troxell Founder & Financial Planner Modern Financial Planning | Oakland, Calif. Troxell is recognized for his efforts to educate younger clients, as well as his volunteer work, which in 2023 included bringing together a group of advisors to volunteer time to help those affected by layoffs.
Shawn Tydlaska Founder and CEO, Ballast Point Financial Planning | Burlingame, Calif. Shawn Tydlaska is recognized for co-founding the BLX Internship Program, which places Black and Latino individuals at fee-only financial planning firms to obtain their first job in the financial planning profession.
Dasarte Yarnway Founder & CEO, Yarnway Wealth Management | Sacramento, Calif. Dasarte Yarnway is recognized for co-founding the ONYX Network, a membership organization that brings minority advisors together to start, scale, and sustain their financial planning practices. 


Name Title Standout Achievements 
Prince Dykes  Private Investment Advisor, Royal Financial Investment Group | Aurora, Colo. Dykes is president of the Global Children Financial Literacy Foundation and recognized for co-founding Wesley Learns Book Club, a national financial literacy program that incentivizes young children to become the first stockholders in their families.
Nate Hoskin Founder and Lead Advisor, Hoskin Capital | Denver, Colo. Hoskin is dedicated to educating Gen Z about finances and investing, and has drawn more than 200,000 followers on TikTok, where he contextualizes market headlines and offers realistic advice for young adults.  


Name Title Standout Achievements 
Magdalena G. Johndrow Financial Advisor & Managing Partner, Johndrow Wealth Management LLC | West Hartford & Westport, Conn. Johndrow is recognized for her grassroots teaching efforts, hosting workshops at Albert Einstein’s College of Medicine, Miss Porter’s School, and Providence College, and volunteering with the Connecticut Money School to reach children and families below the poverty line. 
Tyler Olson Financial Planner, Olson Consulting LLC | Manchester, Conn. Olson provides free and low-cost financial education for medical students and physician trainees via Advice Residency, a quarterly seminar program he created.

District of Columbia

Name Title Standout Achievements 
Kevin Mahoney Founder & CEO, Illumint | District of Columbia Mahoney is committed to helping other Millennial parents create a financial plan to pay for their children’s college, from navigating 529 plan options to applying for merit aid.


Name Title Standout Achievements 
Cary Carbonaro SVP & Director of Women and Wealth, Advisors Capital Management, LLC | Winter Garden, Fla. Carbonaro has dedicated her career to helping women build financial independence through her professional role, her book The Money Queen’s Guide: For Women Who Want to Build Wealth and Banish Fear, and her nonprofit work, including the Women’s Giving Alliance.
Carolyn McClanahan Founder, Life Planning Partners, Inc. | Jacksonville, Fla. McClanahan is recognized for her financial planning work, which focuses on the intersection of health and personal finance, a topic she speaks about at various events for financial advisors. 
Alonso Rodriguez Segarra CEO & Founder, Advise Financial LLC | Plantation, Fla. Segarra is recognized for his work to bring financial education to more individuals with free Spanish-language news and financial content on his firm’s website and  YouTube channel.
Reshell Smith President and CEO, AMES Financial Solutions | Ocoee, Fla. Smith is recognized for creating an online academy, She’s So Wealthy, to help create accessible education options for women and first-generation wealth builders.   
Camille York Adrien Financial Advisor, Clark and York Wealth Partners of Raymond James | Tampa, Fla. In addition to her work with clients navigating major life changes and milestones, Adrien hosts and supports numerous wealth workshops and seminars each year, underscoring her commitment to bring women into the financial industry. 


Name Title Standout Achievements 
Christopher Hoffman Founder, Hoffman Financial Group | Multiple Offices in Ga. Hoffman is a nationally recognized fiduciary advisor and as such, hosts weekly segments on radio and television for outlets like CBS46 & WSB-TV’s Good Morning America weekend edition.
Chloé Moore Founder, Financial Staples | Atlanta, Ga. Moore works not only with her own firm, but also as an active community speaker, visiting middle school classrooms to share financial and career advice and joining corporate and nonprofit seminars as an expert on financial wellness and retirement planning. 
Sibyl Slade Founder & President IntegriVest Wealth Advisors, LLC | Atlanta, Ga. Slade is recognized for her efforts to connect Black families and entrepreneurs with financial therapy and money management workshops via organizations such as Innovative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Workforce Development Project, and the HBCU Community Development Action Coalition. 
Martin A. Smith President, Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc. | Peachtree City, Ga. In addition to his work with Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc., Martin is recognized for launching a robo-advisor that serves undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni of Black colleges and universities in an effort to close the racial wealth gap.


Name Title Standout Achievements 
Eric Billimoria Vice President , WealthCare Advisors | Schaumburg, Ill. Billimoria advocates for financial literacy and planning policies with members of Congress, serves as a financial mentor for young adults through the Foundation of Financial Planning, and provides planning services to below-average-income individuals through the San Diego Financial LIteracy Center.
Valerie Rivera Founder and Financial Planner, FirstGen Wealth | Chicago, Ill. Rivera is recognized for her firm’s dedication to reaching first-generation wealth builders with inclusive, shame-free advice to help young adults build a strong, stable financial foundation. 


Name Title Standout Achievements 
Josh Bennett Managing Partner, Vincere Wealth Management | Indianapolis, Ind. Bennett has created several online and social learning centers to help teach others about the basics of money and wealth management, paying for college, and filing taxes. 
Justin Castelli Founder & Financial Advisor, RLS Wealth | Fisher, Ind. Justin Castelli is the co-founder of the Advisors Growing Community (AGC)—an online community and platform for financial advisors—as well as the curator of the book, More Than Money: Real Life Stories of Financial Planning.
Thomas Kopelman Co-Founder & Lead Financial Planner, AllStreet Wealth | Indianapolis, Ind. Kopelman is recognized for his consistent commitment to educating millennials via his weekly blog, “The Long Game” podcast, and on Twitter to his more than 16,000 followers. 
Michael Reynolds Principal, Elevation Financial LLC | Westfield, Ind. Reynolds is recognized in part for his YouTube-based webinars that provide how-to information for investors as well as budgeting advice. 


Name Title Standout Achievements 
Stoy Hall Founder & CEO, Black Mammoth | Ankeny, Iowa In addition to leading his firm, Hall hosts the Money Mindset Series, a video podcast series on his YouTube channel that breaks down the basics, emotional connections, and planning philosophies of building wealth. 


Name Title Standout Achievements 
Peter Mallouk CEO, Creative Planning | Overland Park, Kan. Mallouk is recognized for his program, Started Pathway Financial, which educates  adults, business owners, and high school students in his community. 


Name Title Standout Achievements 
Jordan Patrick Financial Advisor, Commas | Lexington, Ky.  Patrick is dedicated to bringing his goal-focused,  financial planning lessons into his community by hosting seminars for school district teachers and speaking with local child caregivers. 


Name Title Standout Achievements 
Rianka Dorsainvil Co-Founder & Co-CEO, 2050 Wealth Partners | Upper Marlboro, Md. Dorsainvil is recognized for her commitment to sharing personal finance tips, tax information, investment news, and more in videos and blogs on Greenwood, a Black-owned digital platform created to help Black and Latino individuals build generational wealth.
Zaneilia Harris President, Harris & Harris Wealth Management Group | Upper Marlboro, Md. In addition to her numerous speaking engagements for financial advisors and college students, Harris wrote Finance ‘n Stilettos: Money Matters for the Well-Heeled Woman to bring her online advice to more women seeking financial confidence.
Brad Sherman President, Sherman Wealth Management LLC | Gaithersburg, Md. Sherman is honored in part for his work with high school students and young entrepreneurs via hosted financial literacy workshops.


Name Title Standout Achievements 
Sammy Azzouz President & CEO, Heritage Financial Services, LLC | Westwood, Mass. Author of the book Beyond The Basics, Maximizing, Allocating and Protecting Your Capital, Azzouz also created The Boston Advisor platform to distribute advice, reading lists, and financial wellness insights via blog posts and weekly newsletters to help investors build long-term wealth and make smart money decisions. 
Kirk Chisholm Wealth Manager, Innovative Advisory Group | Lexington, Mass. In addition to his podcast, “Money Tree Investing,” where he offers advice for how to build a personalized investment strategy, Chisholm mentors fellow financial advisors.
Justin Green Founder & Financial Planner Assist Financial Planning | Marlborough, Mass. Green is dedicated to supporting online fitness coaches with his podcast “Dollars & Dumbbells,” which covers personal finance tips and business development strategies.


Name Title Standout Achievements 
Connor Bauserman Financial Advisor, Preferred Financial Group | Battle Creek, Mich. Bauserman is the host of Preferred Financial Group’s financial education podcast, The Wealthy HOMES. 
Lynn Chen-Zhang CEO, Chief Compliance Officer Zhang Financial | Portage, Mich. Chen-Zhang established the Zhang Career Center at Western Michigan University to give students financial and career planning support and has developed a financial literacy seminar series for seniors in her community. 
Sam Huszczo Founder, SGH Wealth Management | Lathrup Village, Mich. Huszczo is recognized for his work with Michigan universities to establish and award more than 25 annual Charter Financial Analyst (CFA) scholarships each year.  
Melissa Joy Founder, Pearl Planning | Dexter, Mich. Joy is recognized for her pro-bono work with groups such as the Hispanic professionals organization L3Harris and the Gatehouse in Grapevine women’s shelter, where she offers one-on-one coaching sessions in the Detroit area.


Name Title Standout Achievements 
Kathy Longo President & Founder Flourish Wealth Management | Edina, Minn. Longo is an active board member for Moneyweave Academy, a nonprofit providing financial planning education to women with a focus on sound decision-making, purposeful action, and philanthropy. 


Name Title Standout Achievements 
Treyton DeVore Co-Founder, AllStreet Wealth | Kansas City, Mo. DeVore is recognized for his efforts to support self-employed individuals with accessible wealth management resources, including an online money management tool, free book (Freelance Finances Made Simple), and weekly newsletter for self-employed creatives. 
Jacob Turner Co-Founder & CEO, JL Strategic Wealth | Saint Louis, Mo. Turner is a former Major League Baseball player turned financial advisor who offers wealth management, business, and tax planning advice to professional athletes. 
Mike Zung Principal, Java Wealth Planning | Lees Summit, Mo. Zung hosts the Java Wealth YouTube channel, a content and live stream platform for tech professionals seeking equitable compensation and wealth-building advice. 


Name Title Standout Achievements 
Tim Bauer Founder & Financial Planner, Evergreen Financial Group | Billings, Mont. Bauer is recognized for his community outreach efforts, including bi-weekly pro-bono financial education courses, high school seminars, and advocating with state senators for additional CFP education to better support consumers planning for retirement.  

New Jersey

Name Title Standout Achievements 
Dr. Nicole B. Simpson CEO, Harvest Wealth Financial | Piscataway, N.J. Dr. Simpson is recognized for her programs hosted through the Dare 2 Dream Institute, including “You Are a Business” internship, “Financially Fit Bootcamp,” and “Wealth and Protection Masterclass for Entrepreneurs.”
Andrew Wang Managing Partner, Runnymede Capital Management, Inc. | Morristown, N.J. Wang hosts the “Inspired Money Podcast,” which explores positive money stories from people of all backgrounds to encourage a positive outlook on money and goal setting. 

New York

Name Title Standout Achievements 
Michelle Arpin Begina Senior Partner & Financial Advisor, Snowden Lane Partners | New York, N.Y. In addition to disseminating financial education through the TEDx network, Begina has successfully lobbied for financial psychology education with the New Jersey Department of Education. 
Lazetta Braxton Founder & CEO, Lazetta & Associates | New York, N.Y. Braxton is recognized for her consistent efforts to make the financial services industry inclusive and increase DEI initiatives, whether that’s through her firm Lazetta & Associates or through her various media appearances. 
Gideon Drucker Managing Partner Drucker Wealth, New York, N.Y. Drucker hosts free webinars twice per month that have reached more than 9,000 people to date, has a bi-weekly blog, and contributes to financial newsletters regularly.  
Liz Frazier Peck Financial Planner & Author, Frazier Financial Consultants | Katonah, N.Y. Peck is recognized for her dedication to children’s financial literacy, namely her book Beyond Piggy Banks and Lemonade Stands: How to Teach Young Kids About Finance, a step-by-step guide for parents to teach young children the fundamentals of finance.
Amy Irvine Founder and CEO, Rooted Planning Group | Corning, N.Y. Irvine hosts the “Wine and Dime” podcast where she and her guests break down economic headlines, simplify wealth transfer tips, and explore tax planning information.
Veronica Karas Senior Financial Advisor, Captrust | Lake Success, N.Y. Karas is the author of the Money Matters book series and volunteers for the Captrust Community Foundation national financial literacy program, which brings 30-60-minute money management lessons to high school teens. 
Tiffany Soricelli Principal & CEO, Virtuoso Asset Management LLC | Burnt Hills, N.Y. Soricelli is recognized in part for the financial literacy seminars her firm hosts for artists and musicians. 
Lawrence Sprung Founder & Wealth Advisor, Mitlin Financial Inc | Hauppauge, N.Y. Sprung hosts the Mitlin Money Mindset podcast, and is a frequent guest on Experian’s weekly Twitter Credit Chats to help bring practical financial education to the masses. 
Sahil Vakil Founder, MyraWealth | New York, N.Y. Vakil is recognized for founding MyraWealth and for his work through MYRA Cares, a nonprofit dedicated to providing financial literacy to immigrants.

North Carolina

Name Title Standout Achievements 
George Acheampong CEO & Founder, Capitalwize, LLC | Charlotte, N.C. Acheampong’s commitment to supporting Black wealth development shines with his organization Melanin Money, a financial social network committed to making education more accessible, and its programs, including the Melanin Money Awards, Black Wealth Friday, and Melanin Millionaires Social Club.
Emily Casey Rassam Partner & Senior Financial Planner, Archer Investment Management | Charlotte, N.C. Rassam offers free, quarterly Zoom sessions on financial education for women in her community and visits women’s shelters to offer pro-bono financial counseling. 

North Dakota

Name Title Standout Achievements 
Benjamin Brandt President & Founder, Capital City Wealth Management | Bismarck, N.D. Brandt is recognized for his all-in approach to retirement planning education, from his “Retirement Starts Today” podcast to his Retirement Income University web program.
Paul Meyers LPL Financial Advisor, Legacy Wealth Management | Fargo, N.D. In addition to hosting live segments on ABC in North Dakota and leading financial education lessons on his Youtube channel, Meyers hosts free, regularly scheduled financial education seminars for the local community.


Name Title Standout Achievements 
Autumn K. Campbell Senior Lead Planner, Facet | Tulsa, Okla.  Campbell has donated her time to more than 150 clients through her firm, plus she provides education to Teach For America and Pro Bono Financial Planning. 


Name Title Standout Achievements 
Ryan Greiser Co-Founder & Financial Advisor, Opulus LLC | Doylestown, Pa. Besides offering Master Your Money courses through his firm, Greiser volunteers at community high schools to share financial education resources and advice with young adults. 
Francis Walsh Owner & Co-Founder Opulus LLC | Doylestown, Pa. Walsh is recognized in part for his work on the Opulus podcast “Inside the Path to Success,” which supplies financial news to entrepreneurs and investors looking for advice for their own journeys. 


Name Title Standout Achievements 
Jonathan Bednar Certified Financial Planner Paradigm Wealth Partners | Knoxville, Tenn. Bednar runs the blog and podcast, “What the Wealth?!,” where he shares simple, bite-sized financial tips to empower people to take control of their finances. (His first book shares the same title.) 
Justin Goodbread President, WealthSource Partners, LLC | Knoxville, Tenn. Goodbread is recognized for his ability to share complex financial concepts in simple terms, which he frequently does as an expert source for national media outlets such as CNBC.
Brenton Harrison Founder and Financial Advisor, New Money, New Problems | Nashville, Tenn.  Harrison is a volunteer educator for Super Money Kids POWER Youth initiative, a summer program held by the city of Nashville to provide summer internships and jobs to local high school students, and plans the annual Riverside Chapel Financial Literacy Symposium for North Nashville residents seeking credit, debt, and tax filing assistance. 


Name Title Standout Achievements 
Josh Bannerman Founder, Bannerman Wealth | Lewisville, Texas Bannerman published 150 “Stacking Benjamins” financial planning podcast episodes last year, which reached more than 1.2 million unique listeners.  
Cody Garrett Financial Planner & Owner, Measure Twice Financial | Houston, Texas Garrett is recognized in part for his multi-platform education approach to supporting DIY investors on their path to building goals- and values-based financial freedom.  
Yohance Harrison Founder & Behavioral Financial Advisor, Money Script Wealth Management, PLLC | Cedar Hill, Texas Harrison is honored in part for her financial education coursework developed for teens through The Royalty Project, an enrichment program for Black youth. 
Dominique Henderson Founder, DJH Capital Management | Dallas, Texas Henderson is honored for her work with Womens Money Matters, a Dallas-area organization that provides financial literacy and support to below-average-income women and their families, and PurseStrings, an online financial education community for women.
Taylor Kovar Founder & CEO, Kovar Wealth Management | Lufkin, Texas Kovar is one-half of The Money Couple and dedicated to helping unite couples over their finances with creative tools, including conversation cards and a money personality quiz.
Hannah Moore Owner & Financial Planner, Amplified Planning & Guiding Wealth | Richardson, Texas Moore has created several free resources to help individuals manage their money, including the “Everyday Money Workbook” and “Budgeting Blocks,” a hands-on way to visualize income and expenses without using a spreadsheet. 
Troy Sharpe CEO, Oak Harvest Investment Services | Houston, Texas Sharpe’s YouTube channel,  which focuses on comprehensive retirement and tax planning education, has garnered over 8 million views since its inception in 2019.


Name Title Standout Achievements 
Jason Howell Family Wealth Advisor, Jason Howell Company | Fairfax, Va. Howell serves as an adjunct professor at George Mason University and American University and hosts a monthly podcast, “Joy of Financial Planning,” to further educate the other first generation personal wealth managers seeking guidance they did not get growing up.
Tremaine Wills Financial Planner, Mind Over Money | Newport News, Va. Wills reaches more than 40,000 consumers on his social media platforms, where he hosts free, money-focused community classes for his followers. 


Name Title Standout Achievements 
Danika Waddell President & Founder, Xena Financial Planning | Seattle, Wash. Waddell is being honored in part for her work to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion within the financial services industry, namely as a board member of the NAPFA West Region.


The annual Investopedia 100 list honors independent U.S.-based financial advisors who have demonstrated top-of-the-industry skills in the following critical areas:

  • Reach: defined as the domain authority of their personal blog or website, followers across socials (LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube), and podcasts (including appearances or ownership of a personal podcast).
  • Commitment to financial literacy: measured by the advisor’s participation in workshops, programs, nonprofits or collaboration with others in the community to spread financial education to those who need it most, as well as the creation of accessible content. 
  • Community support: measured through peer nominations by industry professionals outside of their own firms, as well as the advisor’s presence and engagement with others in the financial planning industry. 

Each advisor CRD number was checked for validity, and each application was checked for accuracy and quality. Final scores were tabulated according to weights designated for each of the criteria above. Investopedia receives no compensation from placing advisors on our list, nor does an advisor’s appearance on our list constitute an individual endorsement by Investopedia of such advisor.

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