PayPal CEO search for Dan Schulman replacement could pose challenges

PayPal CEO search for Dan Schulman replacement could pose challenges

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On tap, we’ve got stories on another creative way the rich are avoiding paying taxes, how much top hedge-fund managers got paid in 2022, and how Tiger Woods spends his, now, billions.

But first, there are some big shoes to fill.

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1. Who’s next?

Wanted: CEO of a payments company with an $84 billion market cap. 

In case you missed it, PayPal CEO and President Dan Schulman announced his plan to retire at the end of 2023 earlier this month.

Schulman, who has been at the helm of PayPal for more than eight years, said in a release, “I’m at a point in my life where I want to devote more time to my passions outside the workplace.” 

Good for him! Schulman accomplished plenty at PayPal, from navigating its spinoff from eBay to championing his employees’ financial wellness. And after a difficult 2022 that saw his company’s stock crater, along with the addition of a particularly aggressive shareholder, why bother sticking around?

Which takes us to the more pressing question: Who’s going to take over when he leaves?

Insider’s Paige Hagy and Bianca Chan spoke to industry insiders to get their picks on who would make for a good candidate to run PayPal.

The list, which features six executives, noticeably includes only one person currently at PayPal. Many of the people who were suggested, however, spent a time at PayPal at the most senior levels. 

It’s an interesting dynamic. On the one hand, you could view that as a testament to Schulman’s leadership. He’s done such a good job of grooming his deputies that they are constantly getting poached. On the other, it could be a sign that strong executives didn’t stick around because they felt there was always a ceiling under Schulman.

Either way, it has put PayPal in a bit of a precarious situation. Coming off an extremely difficult 2022, and with competition seemingly coming at them from every which way, PayPal has to find a new CEO. And if all that wasn’t hard enough, a notorious activist investor also holds a significant stake

I hesitate to compare this to the seemingly never-ending CEO search at Carlyle, but it’s easy to see how a difficult quarter or two could complicate this entire search. 

Click here to read more about about the people experts think would be strong candidates to run PayPal next.

In other news:

Tiger, Charlie Woods.
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