These money and investing tips give you a tailored fit for this mismatched market

These money and investing tips give you a tailored fit for this mismatched market

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‘Seasonality Timing System’ consults the calendar to determine when to be in and out of stocks. Read More

Fed ‘accident’ could slice 20% off the S&P 500, stock market strategist David Rosenberg warns. Here are 3 ways to protect your money now.

Treasurys, cash and gold are your best bets when recession hits and squeezes credit, threatens jobs, and takes down bond yields and stocks. Read More

Rate cuts aren’t necessarily bullish. But this Fed move really can trigger a stock market rally.

The last hike in a cycle, not the first cut, is when to become positive about stocks. Read More

‘Sell’ signals are flashing across the stock market now. But bulls still have one chance.

The VIX and its tradeable products are positive, but all bets are off if the S&P 500 closes below 3950, writes Lawrence McMillan. Read More

Why this might be a good time to buy junk bonds

Improved credit quality, expectations for a mild recession or soft economic landing and current valuation discounts all bode well for high-yield bonds. Read More

Why the debt-ceiling nightmare could become a dream for bond and gold investors

This toxic political standoff could easily go down to the wire, threatening the U.S. with its first-ever technical defaul. Read More

‘I lost $100,000’: investors share Bed Bath & Beyond losses on Reddit after company sold millions of shares ahead of bankruptcy filing

As the Nasdaq prepares to delist shares of Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. following the company’s filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, some retail traders are taking to Reddit to commiserate about their losses. Read More

Insider selling could be signaling recession and a stock market selloff

5 signs that stocks and the U.S. economy face a rough summer. Read More

Stock investors are right to be cautious now, and being bearish is even smarter

Valuations are high and economic turmoil and losses are in the U.S. market’s future, writes Cody Willard. Read More

This twist on a traditional S&P 500 stock fund can lower your risk and still beat the market overall

The Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight ETF has been an impressive performer when taking bull and bear market cycles into account. Read More

Sell in May? Not so fast. ‘Stay and play’ this summer in safer stock-market sectors

An ETF tied to the seasonal sell-in-May pattern shows promising long-term potential. Read More

Owning individual stocks is your best bet now, with the market stuck in ‘purgatory’

The S&P 500 is above its low of last October, but below its high at the beginning of 2022. Read More

Did the margin debt indicator just flash a bull market signal for the stock market?

My monthly review of stock market valuation indicators Read More

8 value stocks that look like bargains for long-term investors

These 8 stocks appear to be on sale, when current valuations are compared with historical averages. Read More

Don’t get fooled by magical thinking when it comes to your money

The importance of focusing on real, not nominal, returns. Read More

You want to move to a state with low- or no income tax. Your financial adviser might have another idea.

Consider property taxes, insurance costs and why you’re inclined to relocate. Read More

Better start saving more money, because rainy days are here

Today’s inflation crisis is tomorrow’s retirement savings crisis, writes Chuck Jaffe. Read More

Americans’ personal savings just hit $1 trillion. What’s the best place to store your cash — I-bonds, CDs or online savings accounts?

‘The economy is still moving along, trying to find its new normal,’ one commentator says. Read More

Want to learn how to be good with money? The best teacher may surprise you.

The average American is less financially literate about risk today than in 2017 — and Gen Z is the worst. Read More

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