TurboTax provides tips to make tax season easier

TurboTax provides tips to make tax season easier

Tax Season is in full swing but time is running out to get your taxes filed on time. If you’re in need of some help navigating the process or understanding new tax laws, TurboTax has a ton of resources to help you file correctly. New Mexico Living spoke with TurboTax to learn more about what’s new in 2023.

The first thing people need to do is make sure they have all their tax papers and information in order. The IRS already started accepting tax filed electronically and started sending the returns when applicable.

The IRS does say that people who file electronically will get their refunds within 21 days. But for that TurboTax representative says it’s important to get started with enough time to be able to file without being rushed.

Changes for the 2022 tax are the credits that people are getting back, now going back to what they were before the pandemic. A single person with no children, they are only getting back around $532 when before during the pandemic they would get around $1,500, and people with children would get around $3,600 and now they get around $2,000.

TurboTax is also offering bilingual programs, in English and Spanish. They believe their customers should understand all the information while filing for taxes.

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