What to buy in April 2023, according to experts

What to buy in April 2023, according to experts

As the weather begins to warm up this month, many shoppers have summer accessories on their minds, including beach bags, pool toys, sunscreen and more. But hold off on shopping for the season ahead — experts say you’ll see better prices on those items in the months to come and recommend keeping your eye on travel, home improvement and tax software sales instead.

To further guide your April shopping, we put together a list of expert tips about what to buy this month. Experts also explained what products you may want to hold off on purchasing right now, if possible.

What to buy in April 2023

Zeroing in on what product categories tend to see the most discounts this month can help you save money, which many shoppers are thinking about as the economy and inflation continues to impact retail prices, says Vipin Porwal, founder and consumer savings expert at Smarty. He recommended using coupons and cashback offerings as much as possible, in addition to shopping the below product categories this month.

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable products: April is Earth Month, a time when shoppers often have sustainable products on their mind. To meet the demand, brands often offer discounts on eco-friendly cleaning supplies, as well as natural health, beauty and clothing items, Porwal says. You’ll also see deals on reusable items like silicone storage bags, as well as paper substitutes like cloth paper towels, he says. Tech companies usually offer rebates on self-powering, rechargeable or solar-powered electronics, and energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs.
  • Spring cleaning and organizing essentials: For many, April is prime time for spring cleaning, whether that means organizing closets, refreshing decor or scrubbing the home from top to bottom. Look for deals on cleaning supplies and storage containers, as well as home accents like area rugs, window treatments, bedding and more. Vacuum discounts are also plentiful this month, says Kristin McGrath, shopping expert at RetailMeNot. “You’re sure to spot spring cleaning discounts as retailers try to coax you to upgrade,” she says.
  • Outdoor home and garden products: Warmer weather means people begin to dust off their grills and shop for new patio furniture. Shoppers can expect to see deals on anything outdoor-related, McGrath says, like gardening tools, patio furniture, outdoor rugs, grills and more.
  • Travel: 96% of Americans plan to take one to three trips between March and May 2023 — and will be spending an average of $3,250 to get away, according to RetailMeNot’s consumer insights survey. And while you won’t see what McGrath called “bargain-bin pandemic pricing” that was common between 2020 and 2022, expect travel providers to offer discounts and cash back deals.
  • Tax software: Tax Day is April 18 – if you still need to file, “tax software companies will be competing for your business,” McGrath says. You’re likely to see promo codes and blanket discounts from online tax services across the board.
  • Photography services: “Like clockwork, photo gift sites and photo printing services start gearing up for Mother’s Day in mid- to late-April,” McGrath says. Mother’s Day isn’t until May 14 this year, but it’s smart to buy personalized gifts like photo albums, calendars and more now so there’s plenty of time for them to arrive. As we get closer to Mother’s Day, there might be rush shipping charges, which you’ll want to avoid to keep costs down. McGrath specifically recommended keeping an eye out for coupon codes and “unlimited pages” photo book discounts.
  • Spring fashion: Spring clothing and footwear starts to make its way to the clearance section in late-April, according to McGrath. If you’re looking for light jackets, blazers and floral dresses, for example, you’ll see lots of sales around the end of the month.

What to buy later this year

Memorial Day is the next big sales holiday of the year, and shoppers can expect to see discounts across all shopping categories during the three-day weekend as well as in the weeks before. With that being said, April is not the best time for larger home purchases like mattresses and appliances, Porwal says. “It will best serve savings-minded shoppers to wait to make those purchases during Memorial Day sales,” he says. Additionally, try to hold off on purchasing tech like TVs and computers this spring: Porwal and McGrath say you’ll see more competitive pricing around Amazon Prime Day, as well as Fourth of July.

McGrath also recommended against buying summer clothing this month, despite brands and retailers rolling out their warm weather collections. “April is a bridge between spring and summer for much of the U.S.,” she says. “We suggest waiting to snap up summer fashion until later in the season. The back-to-school season holds great deals on summer clothing.”

Meet our experts

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  • Vipin Porwal is the founder and a consumer savings expert at Smarty, a cashback browser extension.
  • Kristin McGrath a shopping expert at RetailMeNot. She specializes in helping shoppers make the best savings decisions, and getting the best deal on purchases big and small.

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