What will it take for U.S. stocks to soar?

What will it take for U.S. stocks to soar?

By Philip van Doorn

Also: Banks begin a critical earnings season, Warren Buffett’s Japan foray, and tax and travel tips

The broad U.S. stock indexes hit their highest levels in two months on Thursday.

William Watts shares an analysis from Mark Arbeter, who uses a technical approach to lay out what will be needed to spark a huge rally for stocks, with traders jumping aboard out of a fear of missing out.

And Joseph Adinolfi explains another factor that may be in the market’s favor following last year’s brutal action.

For a countering opinion, also based on technical analysis, Lawrence McMillan believes recent volatility points to a downward movement for the market.

In one chart:Check out the 33 stocks that have rallied more than 1,000% in the last 10 years

Buffett loves Japan

Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA) CEO Warren Buffett said this week that the conglomerate had increased its large stakes in five Japanese trading companies while cutting exposure in Taiwan.

More from Buffett, plus a related story:

Financials kick off earnings season

Three of the largest U.S. banks reported their first-quarter results Friday morning. Here’s a selection of related coverage:

Where should you park your cash?

Some investors who need income had been increasing their risk for years during the low-interest-rate environment that ended in 2022. Now some savers and investors are seeking to keep their cash as safe as possible, especially after the failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank of New York and the near miss for Credit Suisse, which was acquired by UBS Group (UBS) in a deal pushed by regulators.

Quentin Fottrell — the Moneyist — explains how to keep your cash safe without much fuss, even if you have more than is ordinarily covered by FDIC insurance.

And here’s an explanation of “the ultimate hedge” for your cash: How to use bond/CD ladders to keep your cash safe and protect against interest-rate risk.

Are you still worried about inflation?

There are exchange-traded funds for that.

Travel tips

You’d better plan ahead if you want to travel anywhere this summer. Aarthi Swaminathan shares tips from industry professionals on how to play the points and awards game and otherwise save money when you fly.

What’s going on with the airlines?

This is a fascinating industry, and even though it has been three years since the worst of the early pandemic, investors aren’t in the mood to trust airline operators, as you can see from the chart above.

Here’s some current coverage of airline results and trends from Claudia Assis:

There’s still time — this year’s tax deadline is April 18

This year’s deadline for filing (or postmarking) federal income-tax returns is April 18. Here’s why.

Tax lessons can be useful all year, and this tax quiz may teach you a few things.

Read on:

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